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Our education

Vocational education for
individuals and companies

We have license to offer vocational and professional training in 61 vocational qualifications, license for apprenticeship training, employment training, athlete training and education export. We also offer further training and education for personnel of different companies as well as a wide range of different authorisation card trainings for the needs of working life.

Ekami’s objective is to be able to respond to main competence and labour needs of region’s working life. As a local actor, we focus our operation and training at the same important fields of work in which investments are being made through the region’s labour and commercial policies. The task of vocational education and training is to offer working-life-oriented vocational education and training meeting the needs of working life.

Ekami offers educational and development services meeting the needs of enterprises, communities, and private persons. Every year over 5,000 individuals study at Ekami.

Ekami arranges adult education and training as a form of self-reliant vocational basic education and training and as vocational further education, labour-force training, apprenticeship training, and personnel training.

Our education fields

  • Building maintenance technology
  • Business and administration
  • Construction
  • Electrical engineering and automation technology
  • Food production
  • Hairdressing and beauty care
  • Hotel, restaurant and catering services
  • Information and communications technology
  • Language and culture training  
  • Logistics, storage & transport services
  • Maritime and port industry

  • Metalwork and machinery
  • Music
  • Nature and environment
  • Process industry
  • Property maintenance services
  • Safety and security
  • Social and healthcare
  • Surface treatment technology
  • Textiles and fashion
  • Tourism industry
  • Vehicle technology

We also have TUVA – preparatory education for vocational training, integration training for migrants, qualification and further education, as well as labour market training. In addition, we organize National Certificates of Language Proficiency (YKI) tests.

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